European Engineering Industries Association

Diamant Building Boulevard A. Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgien


EUnited connects machinery and equipment companies in one association to improve awareness and understanding among decision-makers and policy actors in the European Union institutions. Equipment suppliers are the mainstay of advanced manufacturing, increasingly recognized as indispensable for basic needs from basic nutrition and other human needs such as employment.

The supervision and regulation of manufacturing has always been a major political challenge. Today policy makers are contending with technological complex global supply chains and a hardening competitive context. The European Union has an important role in developing and optimizing the international regulatory and policy framework for manufacturing. The EU is increasingly called to arbitrate on environmental protection issues and propose proper regulation and practices. Informed decisions are crucial: manufacturing can be seen as a source of pollution, the cause of inequality or the principal menace to earth’s sustainability, but the same manufacturing industry is biggest employer, and produces pollution abatement as well as waste to energy solutions.

EUnited acts as an interface and competence centre with the European Union for manufacturing issues and equipment suppliers, on issues from technical regulation, environmental performance to trade. For example, EUnited cooperated closely with a range of stakeholders to support new industry driven initiatives such as SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry for Energy and Resource Efficiency), euRobotics and EFFRA (Factories of the Future).


Diamant Building Boulevard A. Reyers 80
1030 Brussels

Telefon +32 2706-8209

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